Indiana Sprint Week

With Indiana Sprint Week in our rear view mirror, it is time to thank the people that enabled it to happen. The first Thank You goes out to Mike Z. and Jim Z. of HD Industries. Without their support, BR Performance would not be the powerhouse it has become. Next is Burris Racing. Brody and his BR Performance Team can always count on Mike B when we are up against the wall. Thanks for forgoing many sets of cheater slicks for your hot rod to get us to Indy and back. Lee and Norma Leonard know the pain of touring and we really need to thank Norma for her fund-raising abilities. They helped keep methanol in the tank, food in our bellies and a roof over our heads. These three, along with all our other sponsors kept us on track. Thanks to: “Biker” Bruce Fischer, Molecule, K1 Safety Equipment, NGK Spark Plugs, Driven Racing Oil, Baldwin Filters, Shaver Specialties, Okie Race Cars, Hot Paint Restorations, and Crow Enterprizes

We also need to thank the crew. Zac Bozanich did a great job communicating with Brody and giving him what he needed to get the job done. We tried to use Tyler Stockton up, but he kept coming back for more and we appreciate his hard work. We also need to thank Matt Martini, from Lawrenceburg. He was a welcome addition to our ISW crew and we hope he will join us next year.

There are also some important people we left back in California we need to thank. Joe Gibb worked tirelessly prepping the equipment for ISW. Grandpa Roa and Uncle Bernard made sure the trailer was clean and organized for our journey. Tailor and Momma Roa made sure we were off with clean clothes and took care of the households and pets while we were off. Tim and Tracy Bozanich made sure the team hit the road with supplies to get us to Indy and back and even surprised us with a dinner delivery in Haubstadt.

Many thanks everyone for your support.

Brody and Brett

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